Joe Stenson.

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

I am a passionate, professional Leeds, York & Yorkshire wedding photographer with an eye for a distinctive image.



From taking photographs most of my life through travel, I have always used photography as part of my career in Architecture. Perhaps that is where I get my passion for wedding celebrations, as they allow me to photograph people in dramatic and spectacular settings.


I have a very supportive wife, Ellie and we live in Tadcaster, between York and Leeds with our two cats.


My Approach


Honest, Natural & Unique.


Wedding days move pretty fast…


Endless group shots? Not me.     Making guests “just do that”…?   Nope.


For me, it’s about assimilating myself into the day as a whole, being encouraging when I need to be and most importantly, not dictating… but documenting  (plus throwing in some pretty awesome portraits too!)


Details // those little things // personal items…


I’m here to preserve those moments for you, so you can share them with friends and family, and treasure them for years to come.


Aside from weddings,  here are some of my alternative travel photos. (Contains some odd things, beware) Flickr


Photograph taken by Louise @ Foxtail.




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