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Alice & Peter // A bespoke humanist Lake District wedding on Wastwater 6th February 17
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A bespoke summer Lake District Humanist wedding, with the best view in the UK* as the backdrop – Who could ask for more?


Wastwater – July. I was invited to photography Alice & Peter’s humanist wedding on the banks of one of the most picturesque and stunning English lakes at the foot of Scafell Pike.


What an absolute privilege it was to photograph this wedding, with the bride and groom arriving by Canoe across the lake. Friends and family had gathered on the shore, many of whom had made the trip from Peter’s home in Denmark.


Set in truly magical surroundings, the tiny village of Wasdale Head was pretty much dedicated to Alice & Peter’s wedding with the two pubs providing beer, catering, glasses and staff.


Whilst Alice and her bridesmaids readied themselves for the walk down to the lake, Peter busied himself with prepping the Canoes for their journey across Wastwater and guests ambled down to the shore to take a perch ready for the wedding.


Their ceremony was beautifully intimate, delivered right on the lakeshore with paddling and wading being the means of reaching the tiny peninsula jutting out into the lake.


A Scandi / British smorgasbord of epic proportions was then laid on with lashings of Bollinger for a mega wedding breakfast picnic on the shore.


What could be better than to walk off champagne and herrings along the wonderfully picturesque lakeland pathways that meander their way back to Wasdale Head, the cool water always temptingly present… A quick skinny dip in the lake and then back on the path to the home-made garden party awaiting!


Alice’s parents house and barn in Wasdale head were dressed beautifully and what a perfect venue for an amazing and raucous party… Which went off, with a BANG!!


Once again, this has to be one of the most fantastically personal and intimate weddings I’ve ever photographed.


*According to the Telegraph 

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